From classroom adventures to field trip explorations, your child will experience the world with diverse activities appropriate to his or her developmental stage


Here is an overview of some of the activities your child will get to experience while in our care:

  • Implementing routines and schedules

  • Toys, toys, and more toys to play with

  • Arts and crafts

  • A new topic each week with daily activities

  • Annual DVD with slideshows and videos showing your child in action

  • Storytelling

  • Photography

  • Exploring nature

  • Fitness

  • Music exploratory classes

  • Foreign languages

  • Cooking

  • Multicultural education

  • Class pets

  • Field trips and special events

  • Documented daily reports

  • Daily outdoor activities in yard, weather permitting

Child Enrichment: Activities designed to expose children to activities they might never experience otherwise.

Learning through hands-on and field experiences is what really ignites our children’s fascination. Whether we take children on a field trip or have someone within our community come visit us, we are always finding new and exciting ways for our children to explore their world around them and learn through our approach of immersion. Some Enrichment Programs are experienced daily, others weekly, and some monthly. Each FTCC location finds its own unique and age-appropriate way to enrich each child.

Here’s a list of some of our Child Enrichment Programs:

  • Rocket Day

  • Camp Out

  • Bike-A-Thon

  • Rodeo

  • Fishing Trip

  • Visiting Santa

  • Pumpkin Patch and Hayride

  • Dress-Up Day

  • Visits to Play Spaces

  • Water Park

  • Classroom Parties

  • Swimming Lessons

  • Visits to the Zoo

  • Visits to Museums

  • Art Classes

  • Visits from Community Helpers

  • Special Feasts

  • And Many More!

Find a BungalowBranch location closest to you and see what programs, shifts, days, and ages they provide care for. Our diverse locations are here to give families options, and we strive to meet all of your child care needs.

Uniquely BungalowBranch: Activities designed to promote child health and assist the busy family.

You’ve heard about BungalowBranch and below is a list of reasons why. BungalowBranch prides itself in finding unique and exciting ways to work with families and offer unmatched conveniences as well as programs. Bridging the gap between your home and ours is a daily mission for us, along with making sure you get to experience the fun alongside your child. Child care isn’t just about the child – it’s about the family. BungalowBranch goes above and beyond to ensure that our families feel connected and immersed in our program. Our BungalowBranch providers are in this with you – experiencing your children together, as a team.

Here’s a list of some of our Uniquely BungalowBranch Programs:

  • Parents’ Night Out

  • Hair Cutting Service

  • New Years Sleep Over

  • Picture Day

  • Fresh Brewed Coffee

  • Exercise Program

  • Mommy-And-Me Breakfast

  • Yoga Program

  • Silent Auctions

  • Daddy-And-Me Ice Cream Social

  • Fundraising Events

  • Pictures with Santa and the Easter Bunny

  • Healthy and Nutritious Food Program

  • And Many More!

Locate the BungalowBranch program closest to you and see what programs, shifts, days, and ages they provide care for. Our diverse locations are here to give families options, and we strive to meet all of your child care needs.



We help each family maintain a balance between your home and ours so that every baby in our Infant Program feels secure and nurtured.

To ensure this consistency, our providers work with parents to develop each child’s daily schedule, including nap times, playtimes, and bottle times. And of course, you’re welcome to visit anytime. In addition to communicating verbally with our providers during drop-off and pick-up times, you will receive a Daily Activity Report at the end of each day that will indicate when baby napped, what baby ate, when baby was diapered, and what activities baby participated in, along with any other notes your provider may include so that you know all about your baby’s day.



From first steps to potty-training, our teachers are right there to provide support.

In order to provide toddlers with the consistency and routine they crave, providers plan days filled with a balance of quiet activities; spirited music and movement; and plenty of outdoor climbing, running, and jumping. Although children potty-train at their own pace, you and your child’s provider work together to provide the best environment for success. Parents receive a Daily Activity Report that provides curriculum highlights as well as care-taking information. Providers also include a ‘memorable moment’ from your child’s day.



Preschoolers are introduced to cognitive skills: sequencing and matching; social skills: similarities and diversity; and language art skills: storytelling and writing.

Developmental guidelines form the basis of unique lesson plans that are brought to life in fun and imaginative ways. BungalowBranch programs sets the stage for self-confidence by encouraging progress at a child’s own pace, according to individual needs and abilities. Learning centers for math, science, dramatic play, music, creative art, and computers provide opportunities to balance both shared and independent learning experiences – all leading to kindergarten readiness. Fitness, art history, and manners are incorporated into the preschooler’s daily schedule, as well. Visits by community helpers and field trips to fun local destinations supplement classroom learning and create long-term memories and new experiences. All programs are customized to your child’s progress, needs, and age. Our providers provide parents with a written Daily Activity Report that highlights your child’s activities and progress.