Learning through play!

We offer families a home-away-from-home child care environment and experience that is convenient and more affordable. Bungalow Branch Ltd. is an in-home family-based child care company and franchise that offers the most flexible and convenient child care options out there for families. Unlike other in-home independently run centers, we are a professional child care company comprised of a network of highly trained providers providing care from their own homes. This also offers families convenient close-to-home locations right in their neighborhood.

We provide a structured curriculum like large center facilities, but in a comfortable home much like their own. We have daily indoor and outdoor activities, field trips, and learn about new topics everyday.

We aren’t just another child care company – we’re a family. We’re bringing child care back to homes, literally. We’ve established a number of in-home child care centers that serve every possible child care need.

We’re the family your child needs when they can’t be with you. We’re their home-away-from-home.


No child will be denied admittance into a BungalowBranch location because of race, religion, or national origin.

There is no fee to be on our waiting list.

You don’t have to apply to be in our program. All are welcome!


At BungalowBranch we understand that one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make is who to care for your child when you’re away. Our safe, secure, and stimulating environment is the perfect place for children to discover their unique gifts and talents, as well as the world around them. You’ll always know what your child is doing and how they are performing in our care.

Our providers are passionate about your child’s happiness, education, and providing a safe, nurturing environment that cultivates self-confidence. We are dedicated to developing your child’s learning potential, and our low teacher-to-student ratios allow us to focus on the individual learning styles and needs of each child. We are a collaboration of in-home child care programs and each and every location has your child’s best interest at heart.

BungalowBranch is proud to be a part of your family’s life. We successfully create a rich learning environment for all children. Our core program focuses on the whole child to lay the fundamental building blocks of learning, socializing, and just getting to be a kid! Curriculum is developed for infants, toddlers, and preschool-aged children. A day in our program is structured with creativity, nurturing, learning, and fun. Both children and parents will have great memories and experiences to take with them and last for a lifetime.