Preschoolers are introduced to cognitive skills: sequencing and matching, social skills with similarities and diversity, and language art skills with storytelling and writing. Each day we provide opportunities for independent discovery, cooperative learning, and generous outdoor playtime for your child.

Some BungalowBranch locations are catered specifically for preschool and pre-k students. Our in-home preschool programs focus on the individual child in a small and personalized setting, while still offering sociability and well roundedness. Our preschool and pre-k programs work from a proven curriculum that accesses and tracks our students’ progress. This gives our teachers and families a clear understanding of each student’s strengths and areas needing improvement. Whether a child is age 3 or 5, we work with our students to ensure he or she is ready for kindergarten. Our preschool and pre-k programs schedule parent-teacher conferences throughout the year so our parents know how their child is engaging, improving, and all that he or she is learning. Our providers also offer flexible schedules to help meet our families’ demanding lives.

Locate the BungalowBranch location nearest you and learn what programs, shifts, days, and ages are available. Our diverse locations are here to give families options, and we strive to meet all of your child care needs.